Voices of Struggle represent the voices of the marginalised and exploited people’s including those of children and women. This site will carry essays, stories, news - clippings, photographs, etc., about the day today actions of resistance communicated by the poor or those representing the protection of the rights of the poor.  It also welcomes receiving information’s from other people’s movements and several civil societies organisations.

It is a fact that it does not represent all issues which people are engaged in struggle but it will carry recent micro studies, fact – finding investigations, reports, findings and recommendations of public hearing jury, important judgments, memoranda, critiques of policy and law, interviews, etc., It will attempt to cover the movement of resistance of the working classes, especially unorganised workers, social and political struggles of dalits, land and forest rights of the adivasis, struggle of the fishing people for control over their homeland, ocean resources and coastal ecology, the land and livelihood struggles of the urban poor, the movement to protect land and traditional agricultural practices of small and marginal farmers etc.,

We do hope that this effort will contribute in a small way towards building an alternative society of justice and equality.    



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Consultation on the Directives of the Supreme Court and Essentials of a New Police Act in Tamil Nadu


Thursday, 26th September 2013 at

J.J Hall, ICSA (Jivana Jothi) No.107,

Pantheon Salai, Egmore,

Chennai 600 008.

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